Например: Как проголосовать за сервер?

This article discusses the main questions of the rating participants in the question-answer format (the article will be supplemented necessarily).

What is Mmorate?
Mmorate is a ranking of online games sorted by number of votes. Voting players are these servers. All votes are reset on the night of the first day of the new month.

How to vote?
In order to vote for your chosen server, you must have an account in the popular social network vk.com.

Do I need to register with Mmorate?
No, no, registration is for game server administrators.

What is vk.com?
VKontakte (vk.com) is a universal tool for communication and searching for people who are used by tens of millions of people every day. The number of registered about 200 million people.

Why is vk.com used for voting and not cookies?
Our work showed that there is no reliable protection on cookies and any restrictions (IP verification, creation of cookie-based protection algorithms) will not help prevent mass wrapping, as well as make it more difficult to implement it.

And if I create several Vkontakte accounts?
Creating multiple accounts is prohibited by the rules. Your primary and second accounts will be blocked for voting.

How many times can I eat and when?
You can vote 1 time per day from 1 computer, at any time convenient for you, waiting 24 hours from the moment of the last vote is not required, you can vote for example at 22:13 and at 00:02 the next day, for two days.

Where can I see my voices?
You can see the history of your voices here.

My page is blocked by a rating, what to do?
If you think that your page is blocked for voting by mistake, then contact us.